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Pool Fencing FAQ

Does glass pool fencing meet Australian Standards for safety as well as council requirements?

All products supplied by Northern Frameless either meet or exceed Australian Standards (AS 1926.1 & AS 1926.2) while also holding engineer approval and accreditation by NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia). For any other information regarding the Australia Standards relating to Swimming Pools and Spas please follow this link.             


Are the glass panels strong?

Our toughened glass is heat treated and heat soaked to the highest standard in full accordance with the AS. It is highly unlikely that a toughened glass panel will break after installation, we’ve never had to replace a panel of glass on any of our projects.



Are the glass pool gates secure for children?

Our self-closing and self-latching glass pool gates, meet Australian Standards and will protect your children from entering the pool area unsupervised.



Does glass pool fencing require maintenance?

Glass fencing is very low in maintenance. It requires occasional cleaning/hose down to maintain its clear appearance. If choosing the stainless steel spigots, they also will require an occasional clean to maintain the shine.



What is the minimum height for a pool fence?

The minimum height is 1200mm above ground level. All of our glass sheets are pre-cut at 1200mm so the finished height will always be compliant.



How long do I have to wait for my glass pool fence?

We are the Northern Territorys glass pool fencing specialists and we stock a solid range here in Darwin. We’ll always aim to satisfy our customers needs in regards to the install date so get in touch today for a free quote!



How long does installation of the pool fence take?

Installation is dependant on size and design although we aim for between 10-15 lineal meters per day.



Can I put my gate anywhere?

In most cases you can. We have a wide range of sizes allowing plenty of options for placement of your pool gate.

This can be determined in your Northern Frameless Design Consulation.



Do you do custom glass panels if required?

Custom glass panels can be made in order to gain compliance over a potential stepping hazard. These panels are expensive so we would shy away from this option is possible to avoid unnecessary extra costs.



What are you not responsible for whilst installing our pool fence?

We are not responsible for underground services such as water, telecom, gas and other utility pipes. It is the responsibility of the owner to inform us of their location prior to work. Dial Before You Dig may be useful if you are unsure of the location of those services.


All care will be taken not to disturb or damage any garden or plants during the installation process, however this may occur due to working in tight locations with heavy, awkward materials.


No responsibility will be taken with boundary lines unless surveyor’s pegs are provided and confirm with the owner of exact location.



How do we pay?

Northern Frameless accepts payment in the following forms;

  • Bank transfer
  • Credit Card/Debit Card

Please note some cards may attract additional transaction surcharges depending on your provider.


Do you have any more questions? Contact Us today and we will be happy to help you.