Northern Frameless

Glass pool fence

Give your spaces the prominence they deserve by simply adding an extraordinary element that is able to harmonize and modernize the looks of their whole appearance.


Frameless glass is a major contributor for creating iconic settings. Now you can have the opportunity to build your own dream complex along with a highly professional service.


Protection plays a fundamental part in comfort. Improve your spaces and provide them with the safe and beautiful touch of Northern Frameless designs.


With Northern Frameless on the watch, you won’t have to worry about any complications regarding installation and maintenance of your shower screens; we offer you a lifetime quality work that will stay flawless for years.


When it comes to the best handrails, simple is always best even though it is sometimes particularly difficult to execute. We have a particular set of skills that helps us achieve excellence in every project we execute, and that’s what makes us different from others.

Frameless glass doors

Easy to install and easier to use, a glass frameless door is not just a mechanism to modernise the looks of your space, it is a piece of art that is both functional and comfortable at the same time.


Northern Frameless takes uncertainty out of the equation, providing one the most excellent service and professional treatment so you can just focus on how great your screen will look in your surroundings.


Northern Frameless proudly distributes and utilizes Thump’s elegant designs for their installations and together, we provide the most outstanding work of art for your dream spaces.


Ask for our selection of Sentrel options and fall in love with the different versions of your dream spaces.